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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fist Fight

When I started blogging, I've noticed so many things that I've previously ignore... things that is worthwhile to share in this blog.

Tonight, during my jogging routine... I came across a hoopla, three men are fighting ( 2 vs 1)... I didn't know why the hell they are fighting, but it seem likes the 2 guys accidentally bump the person who's carrying the water jog.... then things became worst after that.... from one street to another.... it looks like the whole vacant lot is their fighting arena. But I am impressed with the other guy -  as he fighting 2 persons (logically they have the upper hand).   Luckily some other people showed  their concern and ended the commotions.

So I told my self... How can you win in a fist fight? Unless you are Sherlock Holmes who can analyze each and every situation easily.  Since everything is on the internet just google it... and below is the answer from Wikihow:

Always maintain an awareness of your surroundings. Know who is capable of assaulting you and how to exit the area quickly. This will help you see violence before it happens, and give you time to prepare a response should you need one. It will also make any adrenal reaction work in your favor, rather than causing you to freeze.

  1. If you feel that you are in a situation where you might be attacked, leave as soon as possible. If you believe that a person or party is intent on attack by the time you decide to exit, attempt to do so without causing them alarm. Attackers are more likely to rush you if they think you are actively fleeing. Swallow your pride - mild altercations can quickly escalate into serious harm because both parties could not control their egos or did not know their limitations.

  1. Be very careful when you hit someone in the face, you could very easily break the small bones in your hands, or even collapse your knuckles. Aim for their nose and lips to minimize that risk.

  1. If the opponent is bigger and you know they are more skilled in fighting than you are, make it an extra effort not to get hit. If they are strong, chances are they can also punch very hard. It can take just one well-placed punch to take someone out. Dodging is the key. After dodging a punch, they will be off guard for a split second. This is the time to hit them. If you are completely overwhelmed fight dirty or bring some friends who won't run away, go for his private parts. Soft spots are extremely useful. The nose, face, Kidneys, Temples, and throat are all good places for a punch. This may temporarily incapacitate him (especially the throat, but it could collapse their windpipe).Kicks to the side of the femur are also effective- you can throw him off balance long enough to catch him in the jaw with a punch or kick.

  1. If escape is not possible or viable, and you are confronted by an aggressive person, raise your hands up, palms out, at neck level, and angle your body away from the aggressor. This accomplishes three things - it controls the vital distance between you and the aggressor (acting as a "fence"), it covers your head and vital organs, and appears non-aggressive. Always stay moving somewhat, but never backwards.

  1. From this "fence" you can use dissuading dialogue (e.g. "Calm down buddy." "Take it easy."). This has several positive effects; it may lower the aggressor's guard or cause them to underestimate you, it establishes your position on the fight, and it illicits a choice on the behalf of the aggressor which will buy you time.

  1. Watch for the adrenal response in your aggressor, e.g. monosyllabic speech, excessive expletives, splaying the arms, furrowed eyebrows, dropping the chin, face goes white, baring the teeth... These will indicate that an attack is imminent. Most people will not back down from an attack once their adrenalin has surged, be prepared to be hit no matter what they seem to be doing.

  1. If you feel the situation is about to become physical, maintain the distance with your fence. To strike you, the aggressor must get past your fence. (95%+ of the time, they will attempt a strike to the head, usually a right hook.) Use your fence as a tripwire - if he touches it once, line up for a pre-emptive strike (whilst maintaining the dissuading dialogue). Strike on the second touch. Do not wait for your opponent to correct themselves or escalate their attempts. If they even touch you once, brace yourself for counter attack the next time they attempt contact.

  1. Your reactive pre-emptive strike should be aimed to the chin or jaw. Fist and hand techniques are the most viable option. Look at the jaw before you strike it. This not only gives you the chance to disable your opponent, but even a strong failed attempt can force an attacker to reconsider further efforts.

  1. If your punching technique is strong enough and you have mentally disarmed the attacker via your dialogue and "fence", he will be knocked out or at very least disorientated. Use this time to escape if you can. If your strike did not have this effect, he will still be caught off-guard. Make good of any failure to act on their part. Continue forcing him back with strikes to the chin, jaw and neck, until they are unable or unwilling to fight.

If he falls over, kick or stomp at his legs and torso. A knee drop to the chest is also very effective - but realize that it places you in close proximity to any attacks of theirs. Do NOT kick to the head as it is easily fatal. Remember, this is NOT asocial violence.

Just a piece of advice always be cool and don't resort to physical violence unless you life is at stake 

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